Head of Management

Yasushi Miyake

Yasushi Miyake

Branch Manager

Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.
Niederlassung Deutschland,
Geschäftsbereich Robotik
German Branch Office, Robotics Business


We aspire to create innovative products that deliver unique value to our customers.

Our business unit offers a portfolio that contains industry-award winning equipment for electronic surface-mount manufacturing and our growing selection of high-speed industrial robots for precision assembly, handling, and packaging. Furthermore, we continue to innovate as we infuse state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics into our platforms.

Both teams from Surface Mount Technology and Factory Automation sections in Europe are dedicated to supporting our customers from diverse industrial sectors with advanced solutions.

At Yamaha Robotics, we are committed to continuously create reliable technologies to best serve our customers.

Yasushi Miyake