Robotics business profile

Yamaha began developing intelligent machinery in 1974 to meet group manufacturing needs. This initiative produced a selection of machines for automating various industrial processes, which boost productivity through their outstanding speed, flexibility, accuracy, and repeatability.

The Yamaha Robotics Business as we know it today was born. Now organised as the Surface Mount Technology Section and Factory Automation Section, our operations are focused on delivering end-to-end solutions for high-speed SMT assembly and robots for automated parts-handling and mechanical work.

The Yamaha Robotics Business sections support their customers and equipment in the field with extensive engineering resources and in-house teams comprising experienced SMT and factory-automation specialists. In addition, each works with hand-picked technical partners to deliver sales and support individually tailored to regional and customer needs.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Yamaha Robotics SMT Section pick and place machines including the next-generation YRM series deliver class-leading speed and accuracy for surface-mount (SMT) and through-hole technology (THT) parts. Connected inline with our highly automated stencil printers, solder-paste inspection (SPI), hybrid die/surface-mount placers, and the latest YRi-V automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems, they create our 1 Stop Smart Solution: a selection that sets the industry reference for performance in all electronic assembly processes. Based on a unified software platform, the Yamaha portfolio delivers unbeatable productivity and is poised to unleash the potential of Industry 4.0 by supporting data-driven manufacturing.

Factory automation (fa)

Yamaha Robotics FA Section is bringing affordable and agile robot technology to diverse industrial activities, from tracking and sorting irregular-shaped items to picking, assembling, and packing parts that can range from tiny surface-mount components to large semiconductors, modules, and electro-mechanical assemblies. Our robot portfolio brings together diverse competencies such as motion control, machine vision to deliver solutions that are high-performing and user-friendly, cost-effective and scalable, and reliable while being packed with design innovations that minimise maintenance, simplify vision integration and robot programming, and provide advanced capabilities such as high-speed component tracking.

Our robots can be deployed in standalone applications or linked using our LCMR200 programmable linear conveyor modules to automate almost any sequence of assembly and handling processes. They are trusted by customers worldwide, in activities as diverse as producing engineering assemblies, consumer products, automotive subsystems, audio equipment, food and beverages, and packaging and logistics.